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Thank you for supporting our nonprofit charitable organization and Deaf and hard of hearing Albertans.

Sonic Alert HomeAware Universal Signaler - HA360US2-1

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The HomeAware Universal Transmitter works to notify you of many different alerts.

These could occur when the intercom is activated, the kitchen timer beeps, the garage door opens, or if an alarm from a medical device activates when the sub-pump activates. The Universal Signaller can even notify you when the dog barks!

The device will send a signal throughout the HomeAware mesh network, and a red LED light will start flashing. Depending on what you are trying to monitor, the alert will be displayed on your HomeAware II Main Unit Signalling Hub.

INTCOM, KITCH, DRVWY, MDALERT, OXYGEN, FLOOD, and PET will scroll across your HomeAware II Main Unit Hub screen when it detects one of these alerts.

sensitivity setting switch will allow you to program the HA360US to pick up the sound you need. You can choose from three levels, including the HI setting that alerts you to more sounds and is the most sensitive. The MED setting alerts you to less sound and is less sensitive, and the LO setting is the least sensitive.

Requires the Sonic Alert HomeAware II Main Unit Signaling HUB to operate.


  • Easy to install
  • includes power cord
  • 9-volt battery backup (not included)
  • HI, MED and LO sensitivity settings

Customer Reviews

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Rosalind Wright
Intercom Transmitter

Purchased to pick up buzzer sound from apartment intercom. On medium, it didn't pick up the sound. On high, it picks up the sound from the intercom, but also walking near the intercom and any conversation. Not sure how to correct this.

Thank you for your feedback. Apparently this device needs to have a few seconds of continuous sound at the required dB level to trigger a response. Perhaps the buzzer sound does not have the required duration to trigger the device. Please contact our office and we will help you choose a more appropriate device for your needs.