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Thank you for supporting our nonprofit charitable organization. Any profits are invested in our programs and services to support Deaf and hard of hearing communities in Alberta.
Thank you for supporting our nonprofit charitable organization and Deaf and hard of hearing Albertans.


Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing Aid Accessories

It's important to note that hearing aids work best when the person speaking is within 1.5 meters or 5 feet of the listener. This is called the "near field" range. In noisy environments like a busy coffee shop, hearing aids use directional microphone technology to enhance and improve speech clarity and comfort for the listener.

For situations where the speaker is farther away, such as in an office, a crowded restaurant, a place of worship or a classroom, assistive listening devices like Roger Microphones are necessary to maintain clear and understandable communication.

If you face any difficulty in large gatherings, presentations, using multimedia or on phone calls, Deaf & Hear Alberta is here to assist you in finding the best communication support.