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Thank you for supporting our non-profit charitable organization. All profits are re-invested back into the organization.
Thank you for supporting our non-profit charitable organization.

Questions for us? Would you Like a Personal Consultation?

Quick Question

If you have a simple, quick question for us simply use the Chat feature in the bottom corner of the screen to send us a fast message.  We are available during regular business hours to respond to you as soon as we can with links, photos, or guidance. 

Personal Conversation to Review Options

If you require a demonstration or a more in-depth conversation, set up an appointment with us. 

We have accessibility consultants available to provide you with free demonstrations of any of the DHA eStore items either in-person (by appointment) at the Calgary office or in an online video session.  Closed Captioning and ASL Interpreters are available by request.  We can also chat by Video Relay Service (VRS), or a phone call will connect you.

Book your Appointment 

It is common to have preconceived notions or misinformation based on things you may have heard online or from family and friends.  A demonstration is the best way to ease any concerns yo may have about an assistive product.

Funding Options

Please contact us or visit our main website for a list of funding possibilities.  They may include The Campbell McLaurin Foundation, Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH), or other government funders. 

Customers should be confident in their decision to purchase quality products from a non-profit organization.  DHA has been serving the Deaf and hard of hearing communities for over 60 years. 

Everyone deserves to have access to communication and alerts.  Why struggle when there are solutions available? 

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