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Phonak Roger Table Mic II 052-4125-000P5

The Roger Table Mic II is a wireless microphone specifically design to pick up multiple voices in small and large meetings to enable people with hearing loss to focus on work rather than on hearing. The Roger Table Mic II picks up sounds at large meeting in a way that no other product on the market is able to. Its omni-directional mode captures sounds from the participants at a meeting around a table. Audio processing parameters for Roger Table Mic II are fine-tuned for meetings.

Several Roger Table Mic II can be connected to create a network, making it ideal for large meeting configurations. It can also transmit the sound of multimedia e.g. computer.

For extra discreet usage, you can choose to operate the table microphone with the remote control.

A receiver is required to make the Roger Table Mic II work with your hearing aids. Please ask us if you are not sure which receiver is best for your hearing aids. Works with most any hearing aid brand.

1 table mic II
1 remote control