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Thank you for supporting our non-profit charitable organization.

Krown Phone Strobe Ringer Flasher KM-PSF

Powered by the phone line, the lightweight Phone Strobe Flasher flashes when there is an incoming landline telephone call.

Also works with a videophone and most PBX systems.

It has a dome-shaped cover and bright 10 candelas LED that spreads light better so you can tell when there is an incoming landline phone call.

To use, plug the Strobe Flasher into the wall phone jack, then plug your analog phone into the Phone Strobe Flasher. No batteries or power adapter needed!

One year warranty.


  • Works with landline telephone, videophone, and most PBX phone systems
  • Plugs into the wall phone jack
  • Dome-shaped cover and bright 10 candelas LED
  • No sound, just bright light to alert of incoming phone call
  • Powered by telephone line - no batteries or power adapter required

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Janet Bland
Phone Strobe Flasher

My mother is hard of hearing and wears headphones to watch TV so she can hear it better. So before, she would never hear the phone if I called while she was watching TV. I would have to leave a message on her voicemail and she would call me back when she happened to notice there was a message. I ordered this device and it was delivered quickly. It was super simple to install, and now my mom knows the phone is ringing when she is watching TV. It is so much easier to get a hold of her now, and she is very happy with it as well.

Mike Fraser
Phone Strobe Flasher

Delivery was very quick and on time. Item was exactly as advertised. Very happy.

Claudia Kreplin
feedback on phone strobe flasher

it is difficult to find this type of device in stores - even stores that supply medical items. It is a great low tech solution that is easy to install and does the trick for my father who has hearing aids, lives alone, and often does not use the hearing aids when he is at home. Thank-you for sending this directly to him in Ontario. it gives us, his children peace of mind knowing that we can reach him when we call.