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Thank you for supporting our non-profit charitable organization.

NEW HomeAware Deluxe Receiver HA360DR-II


Receive visual strobe, tactile vibration, and audible notifications up to 105 dB to emergency and sound events. 

Add this Deluxe Receiver to your HomeAware II Signaling Hub to be notified of events in other rooms of your home or office for safety and security.

This receiver also has its own built-in dual alarm clock, loud 105 dB audible alarm, flashing strobe light, and the ability to plug in an optional bed shaker (not included) for vibration notifications while you sleep.

A new feature to this system is the integrated smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) sensor, your Deluxe Receiver will listen for loud continuous sounds, as well as, the sound or pattern of your smoke (T3) or carbon monoxide (T4) alarms.

When a sound or pattern is registered, the system will notify you with one of the following messages:

  • If a T3 pattern is registered the system will display the notification: SMOKE
  • If a T4 pattern is registered the system will display the notification: CO
  • If a sound, but no pattern, is registered the system will display the notification: ALERT

The large scrolling text screen lets you know which transmitter(s) activated the alert (e.g., "DOOR", "BABY", "FIRE", etc.).

Worried about missing a call? Not anymore! When connected to your landline telephone or video phone, the caller's number will be displayed on the screen.

With a bright red scrolling 2-inch display, eye-catching strobe flash, and up to a 105 dB audible alarm, all of which you can mix and match, to customize your system notifications.

The Deluxe Receiver HA360DR-II is compatible with all previous or current HomeAware transmitters and receivers. Giving you the flexibility to create a system to meet your specific needs - now and in the future.

A full operational battery backup keeps your system running, even when there is a power outage, and will even monitor if the battery is low, or if a link to another device has been lost.


  • Integrated Smoke / CO Listener with sensitivity adjustment
  • Dual wake-up alarm clock with adjustable alarm and snooze duration
  • Scrolling bright red large 2-inch display alert messages
  • Strobe, vibration, and audible (up to 105 dB) notifications
  • Caller number display for landline and video phone calls
  • Connection range up to 1,000 feet or approximately 305 meters
  • English, Spanish, and French Languages
  • USB smartphone charging port
  • Low battery and lost link monitoring
  • Fully Operational battery backup
  • One-year Sonic Alert Warranty
  • Super Shaker is NOT included 

*Requires the HomeAware II Main Unit Signaling HUB to work.  This Deluxe Receiver alerts in other rooms in your home or workplace away from the Signalinglling Hub. 

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