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Thank you for supporting our nonprofit charitable organization. Any profits are invested in our programs and services to support Deaf and hard of hearing communities in Alberta.
Thank you for supporting our nonprofit charitable organization and Deaf and hard of hearing Albertans.

Williams Sound Pocketalker Ultra Amplifier WITH Over the Head Headphone and Mini Earbud PKTDEH

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The Williams Sound Pocketalker Ultra Personal Listening system amplifies sound clearly and easily for better understanding.

The 200 hours of battery life ensures long-lasting performance. Each Pocketalker Ultra includes a plug-in sensitive microphone and for the TV listener, a TV listening extension cord.

Adjustable tone and volume control for better understanding.  Use with or without hearing aids. 

INCLUDED in the Box: 

  • 1- Pocketalker Ultra
  • 1- Over the head Headset HED 021
  • 1- Mini Single Earbud EAR 013
  • 1- TV Extension Cord 12 foot long with 2- Microphone Clips
  • 2 AAA Batteries
  • 1 Lanyard
  • 5-year warranty on the Pocketalker unit  – 90 days on most accessories

Great for 1-on-1 conversations with family and friends, doctors' visits, at the pharmacy, lawyers' offices, etc.  Also use this handy device for TV and radio listening, in the Car, Small Groups, and much more!


  • Housed in an ABS plastic impact-resistant plastic silver case with a removable battery door.
  • Dimensions: 3.38"L x 2.23"W x .88"H (85.8mm x 56.6mm x 22.3 mm)(Not including belt clip or microphone assembly)
  • Weight: 2.5 oz. (70.9 grams) (with batteries and microphone)
  • Color/material: Silver gray, ABS/Polycarbonate molded plastic case.
  • Battery Type: Two 1.5V (AAA size) alkaline (included)
  • Battery Life: 200 hours (typical usage)
  • Low Battery Indicator: Red light on top panel flashes.
  • Microphone: Omnidirectional, electret microphone assembled in housing with a foam windscreen and 3.5mm mono plug.
  • Tone Control: External rotary control knob to allow the user to optimize hearing.
  • Volume Control: External rotary control knob with a power ON-OFF switch.
  • Microphone Jack: 3.5 mm, mono, gold plated mini plug.
  • Headphone Jack: 3.5 mm, mono, nickel-plated mini plug.
  • Accessories included: Belt clip: This allows the user to wear the unit on a belt.
  • Lanyard: This allows the user to wear it around the neck.
  • Frequency Response: Tone at high position: 11dB boost at 5kHz, 8dB cut at 400 Hz.
  • TV listening extension cord: extends the microphone to 12 ft.
  • Tone at mid position: 0dB boost at 5kHz, 4dB cut at 400Hz.
  • Tone at low position: 3dB cut at 5kHz, 4dB boost at 400 Hz.
  • Warranty: 5 years, parts, and labor (90 days on accessories)

NOTE: The POCKETALKER is not sold, advertised, or intended for use as a personal hearing aid. Williams Sound recommends that any individual experiencing hearing loss be examined by a physician to determine the cause before using amplification.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Roger Bertrand
A very satisfied client

Good morning.
Sorry for any language errors, French being my first language.
Thank you for this fantastic device. I used it this Tuesday evening for 4 hours in the company of around a hundred people gathered by Zoom video conference.
The result was impressive and beyond my expectations. When I received it last Tuesday, a friend of mine who has the same hearing problem tried it and ordered one the next day.
My only suggestion, which I hope is constructive, concerns the mono in-ear earphone. The fact that one of the ears is free makes the amplifier less effective. So I bought a stereo earphone to solve this problem.
Thank you again for this product as well as the one I bought from you in September 2020: Krown phone strob flasher.
Thank you for these two excellent products,

Roger Bertrand

Lois Potts
Pocket talker

So happy to be able to hear dialogue when watching my favourite TV programs.
Not finding it easy to use headset as it doesn’t seem to fit around ears efficiently. The ear bud does the trick.
Haven’t used when out and about yet.

Rick Austin
Williams Sound Pocketalker Ultra

I bought the Pocketalker for my father who was 91 years young and was dealing with serious health issues. I have a low frequency voice and he could not hear me. The inability to hear added to his already emotional load. The minute that I hooked up the device with the extension for the mic, I had my first easy conversation with my dad in years! The sound quality and adjustment for frequency are surprisingly good. I highly recommend this device.
My Dad passed away a short time after but the ability to hear his loved ones enriched his final days.

Gayle Strikes with a Gun
Elated to hear people

I ordered the pocket talker for my brother. He was experiencing feedback but we worked to address the issue as it was a result of having mic to close to the headset. My brother is elated that he can hear people now! Thank you.

Angeline Lajoie

Excellent little gizmo. So nice to be able to have a normal conversation. I LOVE it.