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Thank you for supporting our nonprofit charitable organization. Any profits are invested in our programs and services to support Deaf and hard of hearing communities in Alberta.
Thank you for supporting our nonprofit charitable organization and Deaf and hard of hearing Albertans.

Serenity Choice Reusable Hearing Protection for MOTORSPORTS


70% of people exposed to loud noise never or seldom wear hearing protection.

Using patented impulse filter technology, the Serenity Choice™ Morot Sports reduces wind noise to safe levels so you can concentrate on the road.

Noise levels in a motorcycle helmet at 100 kmh are typically 95–105 dB. This is far above the widely accepted safe noise exposure level of 85 dB, meaning you have between 15 minutes and 2 hours of riding before you risk tinnitus or other noise-induced hearing loss symptoms. 

Designed to fit into the ear and without catching the helmet liner, Serenity Choice™ Motorsport is a discrete, reusable, universal fit hearing protector for helmet-generated noise, reducing it to safe levels yet still allowing speech to be heard from intercom speakers. The product provides an open-air passage to the ear, minimizing the occlusion effect while keeping the ear ventilated for optimum comfort.

General grime and road dirt will affect protective performance. Serenity Choice™ Motorsport overcomes this by being fully washable. Regular cleaning in warm water will ensure you receive the best performance from your hearing protection.

24 SNR|16 NRR

Product applications

  • Product applications
  • Reduces wind and air turbulence noise
  • Reduces engine noise 
  • Prevents hearing damage at motorsport events such as NASCAR, F1, rallying, motorcycling, jet and F1 boats
  • Prevents hearing damage during dyno runs

In the box 

  • 2 ear tips of each size S, M, L
  • Two acoustic filters 24 dB
  • Aluminum key-ring carrying case
  • Multilingual manual

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