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Thank you for supporting our nonprofit charitable organization. Any profits are invested in our programs and services to support Deaf and hard of hearing communities in Alberta.
Thank you for supporting our nonprofit charitable organization and Deaf and hard of hearing Albertans.

Silent Call Medallion Series Mini Receiver MR1110-MC CANADA

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Bright, brighter, or brightest - a three-way strobe light alerts you to events and threats throughout your home or office with the Medallion™ Series Mini Receiver.

Compatible with all Medallion™ Series Transmitters. The Mini Receiver identifies specific alerts with a bed shaker (sold separately) and colour LED icons for:

  • Smoke / Fire
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Mobile Cell / Smartphone
  • Landline Telephone 
  • Doorbell 
  • Baby Cry
  • Other Sounds (door buzzer, laundry alerts, microwave, bell, dog barking, etc.)

Easy to use, it plugs into any standard 110-volt electrical outlet and includes a built-in backup battery. The Mini Receiver allows you to select bright-brighter-brightest strobe settings and works with the optional Bed Vibrator (VIB-PJ, sold separately).

Additional Mini Receivers can be added in other rooms for system-wide alerts. 

Ideal for apartments, dorms, condos, hotels, as well as, single-family homes. Easily take the system on vacation or sleepovers. 

Place a receiver on your desk, end table, nightstand, counter, or other flat surfaces. Up to 500 feet or 152 meters range for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Alerts you to landline and cell phone calls, doorbells, sounds, fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide. These transmitters are sold separately so that you can create a system for your specific needs and situation. 
  • Notifies you with a flashing strobe light (three settings)
  • Activates the Bed Vibrator (VIB-PJ) sold separately
  • Identifies specific events with one of five coloured icons
  • Operates with million-code technology
  • Plugs into any standard 110-volt electrical outlet
  • Includes a backup battery
  • The ETL Mark is proof of product compliance with North American safety standards. 
  • Features the Silent Call 5-Year Limited Warranty

Customer Reviews

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Bulky and poor info

Kari Weimer are my thoughts:
Our two Silent Call receivers worked without a hitch until October when one of them suddenly stopped responding. Following is what has transpired since then:
We erased the memory & tried re-programming the faulty receiver with no luck.
Returned the unit to Michigan for repair on the advice of Deaf & Hear Alberta.
Ordered a new receiver from Deaf & Hear as we didn't want to be without one for too long & thought it would be good to have a spare.
The new receiver arrived & we were unable to program it successfully.
Called Customer Support in Michigan who suggested we hold the receiver directly beside the transmitter to program it. This worked but it would not respond when placed approximately 10 feet from the transmitter. Support informed us that we likely had one of the units they were having trouble with (would not respond to transmitters as expected). They suggested we return the unit to Deaf & Hear to get a replacement, which we did.
The new replacement unit arrived which we were able to eventually program (we had some trouble) but we couldn't place the receiver in the optimum spot for our mom's visibility.
We are now awaiting the return of our original receiver (from repair in Michigan) hoping that it will function properly.

Both the Silent Call company & the folks at Deaf & Hear Alberta have been very helpful through it all. We are, however, disappointed that the receivers are not as reliable as we would have expected.

Rick Brown

I made one phone call and Cathy Harrision explained it all to me and sent the information in an email. I called back and ordered it and my son picked them up the next day. She was exceptional in the explanation and was very helpful. Thank You

Landa Field
Silent Call Medallion Reciever

Silent Call Medallion Reciever

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