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NON-ACOUSTIC EMERGENCY ALARMS - Alarms that light up, flash and/or vibrate in combination with audible emergency signals are very good at alerting of an emergency. It is suggested that non-acoustic devices should be used in the following situations:
a) Fire/smoke alarms in public facilities and private residences
b) Security entrances, gates and barriers
c) Emergency alarms and sirens
d) Fire station sirens warning road traffic to beware
e) Telephone ringers
f) Door bells
g) Microwave ovens
h) Oven timers
i) Perimeter, baby and similar monitors
j) End-of-class and end-of-period buzzers
k) Elevator alarms

Silent Call Communication Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grnxFMfbVhM

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Serene Innovations PG-200 Two Way Personal Pager System

The PG-200 is a sure way to get attention and help quickly for patients and caregivers.

  • Wireless, two-way paging with auto confirmation receipt
  • Three selectable notification modes: strong vibration, bright strobe and audible alert
  • Lightweight and compact

Our Price: $114.99
Trine Doorbell Chime/Flashing Strobe Trine Doorbell Chime/Flashing Strobe

The patented flashing light signal on the strobe chime receiver corresponds with an 8-note melody to announce the arrival of someone at the door.

Our Price: $74.99
Ring Satin Nickel Video Doorbell Ring Video Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbells lets you see and speak with visitors at your door, from anywhere. Each doorbell is equipped with an HD camera with night vision and smart motion detection.

Our Price: $281.19
Sale Price: $239.99
Savings: $41.20
Sonic Alert Sonic Boom Bed Shaker Extension Cord Sonic Alert Sonic Boom Bed Shaker Extension Cord

Extend the bed shaker cord on your alarm clock an additional 15 feet.

Our Price: $18.99
Krown Phone Strobe Flasher Krown Phone Strobe Flasher

Powered by the phone line, the lightweight Phone Strobe Flasher flashes when there's an incoming telephone call.

Our Price: $48.99