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Ultratec SuperPrint 4425TTY


Put the power of advanced technology at your fingertips with the deluxe Superprint 4425. This feature-packed TTY includes sophisticated capabilities, giving you more choices than ever! It features direct connect with two built-in telephone jacks and advanced calling features like auto-busy redial, three way calling, and TTY transfer. Call progress tells you if the phone you are calling is ringing or busy. Auto-Answer takes messages for you when you are unavailable.

Programmable auto-answer
Remote message retrieval of messages in auto-answer
Huge 32K memory (stores memos, conversations, and telephone numbers)
Personal phone directory storage
Programmable Relay Voice Announcer: When a hearing person calls, Superprint 4425 can send a voiced message telling them they have reached a TTY and should use a relay service
Function keys to easily send and edit memos
Greeting key for easy one-touch sending of greeting message
Memory dialing and dialing by name
TTY Announcer announces to person at other end of the line that they need to use a TTY
Built-in clock with time/date printing
Built-in phone ring flasher
The ASCII model allows you to communicate with people using computers with modems.

All TTYs are sensitive to power surges. Protect the TTY by plugging it and the phone line into a surge suppressor. A battery back-up unit (UPS) with surge suppressor will protect the TTY and keep it running temporarily during any power outage.

Please Note: TTYs are designed for use on home, ANALOG, phone lines only. Do not connect a TTY to an office, DIGITAL, phone line. Digital phone technology can damage the TTY and void both the manufacturer's warranty.

1 year warranty


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