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Ultratec Uniphone 1140TTY VCO & HCO


The Uniphone is an exciting concept in TTYs, combining a telephone, TTY and amplified phone - all in one! Now, people who are deaf, hard of hearing, hearing or cannot speak can all share one phone.

What is Hearing Carry Over (HCO)?

If you can hear, but must use a TTY to type what you need to say, you may request Hearing Carry Over. Hearing Carry Over allows you to hear what the other party is saying while a Relay service operator speaks for you by reading what you type to the other person.

What is Voice Carry Over (VCO)?

If you can speak clearly, but must use a TTY to see what the other person is saying, you may request Voice Carry Over (VCO). VCO lets you speak for yourself, while a Relay service operator types what the person says to you.

A full-featured TTY, the Uniphone includes a bright display and a comfortable keyboard and an amplified handset.

  • Volume control for telephone handset, if using (20 dB gain)
  • Special convenience keys: Dial & Volume control Direct connect Keyboard dialing, follow-on dialing Call progress (says "ringing" or "busy") 
  • Turbo Code® and Auto ID™ 
  • 2-line, 2 x 24-character LCD display 
  • 10 speed dial keys 
  • Special emergency, menu, and arrow keys 
  • Auto-Answer with programmable message with 8k memory 
  • Built-in ring flasher 
  • Printer port to connect an external printer 
  • 1-year warranty