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Silent Call 2 Signature Series Body-Worn Communicator 418 MHZ Receiver BWR-41

Around the home, dorm, office or even outside on a patio, alert yourself to doorbells, fire alarms and other events with the Signature Series Body-Worn Communicator Receiver. Complete with Leather Pouch (LP-12), people who are deaf or hard of hearing can wear it on their belt or waistband or place it in a pocket. When a signal is received from any Signature Series Transmitter, it pulses with vibrations in a unique pattern and displays a distinctive LED icon to indicate which event is causing the ransmission. At night, it recharges in the USB Charging Set (USB-12).

In the box
  • Body-Worn Communicator 418 MHz Receiver (BWR412-SS)
  • Charging/Docking Station with back-up battery
  • Product Manual
  • Leather Pouch (LP-12)
  • Silent Call 5-Year Limited Warranty