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Serene Innovations HD-60J Jumbo-Keyed Amplified (up to 55+dB) Telephone


This JUMBO-KEY AMPLIFIED phone offers High-Definition Sound Technology for voice clarity, making every word sharp, clear and easy to understand, all without any distortion, echo or squealing.

Amplifies incoming voices up to 55+dB. The amplifier comes on automatically or on demand.

Features the advanced Digital Speech Enhancement that allows you to selectively amplify & enhance the speech frequencies that you can't hear well, making those words that were difficult to hear now intelligible and easy to understand again.

Great for people with low vision and/or moderate to severe hearing loss.

!!!! OFF-HOOK ALERT!!!! - Audible & visual warnings if the handset that has been left off the hook. Your service provider must provide the signal to allow this feature to function.


  • High-Definition Sound Technology for un-matched clarity, a new standard in amplified telephone technology
  • Amplifies incoming sound up to 600 times (over 55+dB), the most powerful in its class.
  • The amplifier comes on automatically or on demand
  • Selectable Digital Speech Tone Enhancement allows you to boost and enhance the speech frequencies that you can't hear well. More convenient, more accurate and far superior than that of traditional tone controls.
  • Latest Digital Sound Processing technology eliminates virtually all distortion, echo effects and unwanted static commonly found in other ordinary amplified phones incoming calls Jumbo keypad makes it easy to see and dial.
  • BRAILLE on each number on the keypad
  • "Off-hook alert" provides AUDIBLE & VISUAL WARNINGS to alert of improper hangup, preventing accidental block of incoming calls - your service provider must provide the signal to allow this feature to function.
  • Three (3) one-touch and ten (10) two-touch programmable memory buttons
  • Two (front and side) visual ring flashers
  • 95+dB super loud ringer with adjustable ringing volume and tone controls
  • Battery back-up for power outages (batteries not included)
  • 3.5 mm jack for neck-loop, tele-coil and other assistive accessories
  • Hearing aid compatible handset
  • One year warranty
How does the HD-60/60J “off-hook” warning work?
A: If you do not place the handset squarely into its cradle and hang-up properly after a call, your phone remains “alive” and no calls will be able to come in. The central office of your telephone company will be able to detect that and send you a “howling” tone to warn you. When the HD-60/60J recognizes this “howling” tone, it automatically activates its loud audio alarm and the flashers to attract your attention. The warning will continue until you hang up the phone properly or until the phone company cut off your line by stop sending the howling tone.