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Alarm Clocks, Amplified Phones, and Pocketalkers are on SALE. Stay Safe Everyone!

Phonak Roger Easy Pen

Color: Petrol Blue

The Roger EasyPen is an exciting product for clients who desire ultimate simplicity with full Roger performance and do not need Bluetooth functionality or manual microphone control.

Featuring premium Roger speech-in-noise and over distance performance, it is the smart solution to overcome difficult listening situations. It can be used as a standalone microphone or alongside other Roger EasyPens, Roger Pens or Roger Clip-On Mics.

For virtually every hearing aid & Cochlear Implant there is a compatible Roger receiver.

Use in Social Situations like:
At home
In the car
In public places
Dinner with friends
At Parties
Cell phone calls
Watching TV
Listening to music
Using GPS

Use at Work for:
Small and large meetings
Group discussions in noise
One-on-one conversations in noise
When travelling with a passenger
With your PC and multimedia (audio, PC, video conferences)

**Note: The Roger EasyPen does not have Bluetooth capabilities. The regular Roger Pen does have Bluetooth.

Roger EasyPen is a universal, cutting-edge wireless microphone that helps people with a hearing loss to understand more speech in noise and over distance, by wirelessly transmitting the speaker’s voice directly to the listener. Roger systems feature one or more wireless microphones, used by the speakers, and discrete Roger receivers that connect to the listener's hearing instruments or cochlear implants.

  • Fully automated settings.
  • One-click connection.
  • For virtually every hearing aid & CI there is a compatible Roger receiver.
  • Audio input.
  • 3 color options.
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