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Thank you for supporting our non-profit charitable organization. All profits are re-invested back into the organization.
Thank you for supporting our non-profit charitable organization. All profits are re-invested back into the organization.

Sonic Alert HomeAware Smoke/ CO Alert Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker Included- HA360MVSB2-1

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Backordered from Sonic Alert.  No timeline available for new stock at this time.

Feel secure and sleep soundly! Receive alerts of sounds and alarms in your home.

The device listens for your existing T3 and T4 alarms in your home for smoke and carbon monoxide.  It also alerts to landline phone calls, functions as an alarm clock, and includes the bed shaker. 

If you are hard of hearing or Deaf, you do not always hear important sounds such as the smoke or CO detector. If there is an emergency, you could be in danger.

Wake to a 110 dB alarm, a two-inch scrolling display, a bed shaker, and a flashing strobe light. In the main alarm smoke & co listener unit, there is a built-in microphone, which listens for T3 (smoke) or T4 (CO) alarms. The alarm smoke and CO listener system will warn you and wake you up if you are sleeping.

This device is also a reliable alarm clock with a bed shaker and an audible alarm sound that is incredibly loud. The system can also alert you to landline phone calls (phone line included). It can expand to include other notifications including dogs barking, babies crying, the doorbell, and mobile phone calls. Additional transmitters are required if you would like to be alerted to other sounds in your home or business. 

It features a smartphone app, which can notify you of an event, regardless of whether you are in the house or not.

Also works with the Sonic Alert HomeAware Basic Receiver - HA360BRK2-1 to extend range and notify to alerts in other rooms of the home or garage. 


  • Flashing strobe light with scrolling alert messages on a bright red large two-inch display screen
  • Powerful bed shaker
  • Adjustable alarm up with to 105 dB of volume
  • Dual alarm clock with alarm and snooze duration
  • Monitoring of low batteries and any broken links between the main unit and the transmitters
  • Caller ID for analog landline and video phone calls
  • Range up to 1,000 feet! Extendable range with additional receivers
  • USB plug charges your cell phone or other devices
  • Battery backup for time setting with 5 - AA alkaline batteries (not included) in case of power failure

You will receive: 

  • HA360 Notification System Main Unit
  • Power Supply Adapter
  • Telephone Line Cord
  • Vibration/Bed Shaker

Customer Reviews

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Bob Vandergrift
Good news!

I was referred to Kathy at Deaf and Hear Alberta. And ever since my initial contact, I have been more than pleased with the product and the great job and assistance provided by Kathy! Not only did Kathy help with the information about the product, but assisted in the installation. My comment is I'm 100% thankful and very grateful for Kathy.