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Thank you for supporting our non-profit charitable organization. All profits are re-invested back into the organization.
Thank you for supporting our non-profit charitable organization.
Equipment Rentals

Equipment Rentals

We do have equipment available to rent including a personal FM system, a group FM system, personal amplification Pocketalkers, Amplified Phones, T-Coil Counter Loops, and Phonak Roger Wireless Microphones. 

Rentals are a good option for your next large public event, to test trial the item before you purchase, or for a one-time important family event, lawyer, or doctor appointment. 

For further information please contact Deaf and Hear Alberta by calling or texting 403-284-6215 or contact us by email at

Please contact our office for rental rates. 

A deposit of 100% of the retail replacement value is required by Visa or MasterCard in case of loss or damage.  No cheques will be accepted. The deposit will be refunded in full when the equipment is returned on time and in good condition or if your are happy with the item, applied to your purchase.

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