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Cell Phone Signaler
Many cell phones and cell phone accessories are not loud enough or clear enough for those who have a hearing loss. Make your phone conversations enjoyable again! The following cell phone accessories work with virtually all cell phones.
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Serene Innovations RF-200 Cell Phone Signaler Serene Innovations RF-200 Cell Phone Signaler

Simple to use-just plug into your home phone cord or park you cell phone on the unit.

Our Price: $119.99
Sonic Alert Shaker 12V  Bed Shaker Shaker 12V Black Bed Shaker replacement

The Super Shaker from Sonic Alert will alert even a heavy sleeper - simply place bed vibrator under your mattress or pillow and plug it into these Geemarc brand telephones: Ampli200+, Ampli455, Ampli500, Ampli600, AmpliPOWER60 and AmpliCALL10 Telephone ringer & Flasher.

Our Price: $52.99

Audio Cable 1 Meter Audio Cable 1 Meter

Connect your hearing aid streamer to any audio device with a 3.5mm jack.

Our Price: $23.99
Micro USB Audio Cable Micro USB Audio Cable

Allows for the connection of devices like the Roger Pen to 3.5mm stereo devices such as computer speaker, MP3 player, stereo, iPad, iPod, etc.

Our Price: $14.99

Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Super Shaker Bluetooth Bed Shaker Sonic Alert Sonic Bomb Super Shaker Bluetooth Bed Shaker

Get the same strong vibration you would expect from Sonic Alert Alarm clocks- controlled by your phone!

Our Price: $54.99
Clarity TL100 TV Listener Clarity TL100 TV Listener

Connect the TL100 to your TV and any Bluetooth device and hear everything clearly without disturbing those around you. Smart technology automatically mutes sound when the headphones are removed, and if a cell phone is paired, the TCL100 will announce incoming calls as well!

Pillow-soft, memory foam ear cushions with adjustable headband.

Our Price: $268.99
Sale Price: $199.99
Savings: $69.00

NECKLOOPS These are designed for people who have telecoil or t-coil equipped hearing aids. They generate an electromagnetic signal that allows you to hear the conversation directly through your hearing aids. The background noise around you is cut out while you are wearing the loop. Please check with your healthcare provider if you have a heart condition or a pace maker.

BLUETOOTH® Accessories with the Bluetooth® icon can connect to your cell phone wirelessly.

Never miss another cell phone call or text message again. Our signalers will let you know that you have a call or message by flashing a light or amplifying the sound.