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Never miss an important conversation again with hearing aid batteries and Cochlear Implant accessories.  
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Roger Clip-On Mic Phonak Roger Clip-On Mic

This is the Clip-On Mic only

Our Price: $1,200.00
Audio Cable 1 Meter Audio Cable 1 Meter

Connect your hearing aid streamer to any audio device with a 3.5mm jack.

Our Price: $23.99
Micro USB Audio Cable Micro USB Audio Cable

Allows for the connection of devices like the Roger Pen to 3.5mm stereo devices such as computer speaker, MP3 player, stereo, iPad, iPod, etc.

Our Price: $30.00

Phonak Stick 'n' Stay Stickers Phonak Stick'n'Stay (30 pair) Hearing aid stickers

A pack of 30 pairs of Phonak Stick 'n Stay clear sticky pads, designed to comfortably hold hearing instruments in place.

Our Price: $42.50
Sale Price: $29.99
Savings: $12.51